Spirit chooses Exelis to provide fleet tracking IT

Spirit Airlines has selected Symphony OpsVue from Exelis to visually track its aircraft fleet while on the ground.

Symphony OpsVue, according to Exelis, provides a highly accurate and reliable flight tracking network of aircraft surveillance data on a single web-based display.

Spirit Airlines’ aircraft fleet is currently fully equipped with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transponders. ADS-B enables operations personnel to receive aircraft position reports every 5 seconds in the terminal airspace area. The FAA has issued a final rule to require installation of ADS-B “Out” equipment by 2020.

With Symphony OpsVue, Spirit says it can monitor its aircraft on the airport surface in the taxiway, ramp or gate at any of its primary and diversion airports with a single application. The solution also enables airlines to manage tarmac delay requirements, which require contingency plans, including passenger provisions and disembarkation, for lengthy tarmac delays. Benefits of the Symphony OpsVue solution include improved safety through enhanced situational awareness and operational efficiency of the fleet, as well as a better overall passenger experience through reduced delays.

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