Spairliners component support for Austrian’s E-195s

Austrian Airlines is now using Spairliners for Integrated Component Care Support under a long-term contract covering component pooling and repair solutions of the airline’s 17 Embraer 195s.

Spairliners CEO Sven-Uve Hueschler commented, “We will deliver the best services and knowledge to Austrian Airlines based on our comprehensive experiences on the E-Jet. As part of the long-term agreement we established a dedicated IT interface between Austrian Airlines’ AMOS maintenance IT system and Spairliners’ SAP system in order to handle component requests efficiently and reliably."

With this tailored IT interface, all relevant request information can be accessed directly though the AMOS system which exchanges data with Spairliners’ SAP system automatically.

In 2013, Spairliners enhanced its services portfolio by introducing and integrating additional component services for the E-Jet family.

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