Southwest opts for McMurdo’s Kannad ELTs

Southwest Airlines is to implement Kannad Survival Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) from France’s McMurdo Group across its fleet of 636 Boeing 737s.The ELTs, provided by McMurdo’s aviation partner Aviall Services, enable first responders to locate the aircraft as soon as possible and potentially save more lives, as their signal from an ELT or distress beacon is relayed via satellite to mission control and rescue coordination centres. McMurdo’s Kannad ELTs are already used by airlines such as British Airways and China Airlines.“For over 25 years, Kannad has provided aircraft manufacturers and airlines with high-performing and highly reliable search and rescue technologies providing redundant transmission and GPS,” stated Jean-Yves Courtois, CEO of McMurdo. “We are proud to be the search and rescue ELT provider entrusted with providing critical, timely location identification of Southwest's aircraft in the event of an emergency.”The ELTs are removable from the aircraft and are stowed to facilitate usage by crewmembers in emergency situations.

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