Southwest flies first aircraft with Split Scimitar Winglets

Southwest Airlines has operated its first revenue flight of a Boeing 737-800 equipped with Aviation Partners Boeing’s Split Scimitar Winglets.

The newly designed winglet differs from those currently installed on the carrier’s fleet of Boeing 737s, with aerodynamic scimitar tips and a large ventral strake on the bottom of the blended winglet structure. These are a retrofit option designed by Aviation Partners Boeing and differ from the new Advanced technology winglet designed for Boeing’s 737 MAX family.

By upgrading the 737-800s with Split Scimitar Winglets, annual fuel savings are estimated to increase by 1.5%-2% compared with the current Blended Winglets. In addition, the new winglet will reduce emissions, supporting Southwest's commitment to the environment.

The Split Scimitar Winglets will be installed on 33 new 737-800s once they are delivered to the airline this year. The airline also plans to retrofit 52 additional 737-800s currently in the fleet. The retrofits are expected to be completed by early 2015.

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