Southwest Airlines offering Pay With Amazon for onboard purchases

Southwest Airlines is now accepting Pay with Amazon on board its WiFi-equipped aircraft, providing customers another way to purchase products through the carrier's onboard entertainment portal, which is powered by Global Eagle Entertainment.

The new payment platform mean passengers can utilise the security of their Amazon account to purchase products. Rather than using a credit card, customers can purchase WiFi, messaging, and movies using Pay with Amazon. When asked for payment, those who choose the Pay with Amazon option will be directed to log in with their Amazon account credentials to complete their purchase.

"We're continually following the trends of our customers, looking for ways to enhance the customer experience on board our aircraft. With the addition of Pay with Amazon to our entertainment portal, we're doing just that,” declared Heather Figallo, Southwest Airlines senior director of product innovation and management. “We're so excited to have a great brand like Amazon available for our customers to enjoy.”

The service provided on the Southwest entertainment portal will be compatible with major mobile devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android, as well as web browsers, and is designed to ensure a seamless and superior quality playback.

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