SkyWork adds Saab 2000 to fleet

SkyWork Airlines has introduced a Saab 2000 into its fleet and performed its first scheduled service with a SkyWork crew on a flight from Bern to London City via Basel.

The aircraft does not yet have the complete SkyWork branding, a task which has been put aside due to time pressure. The aeroplane will be given its final SkyWork Airlines paint finish at a later date.

SkyWork noted that, unfortunately, the aircraft arrived in Bern two months behind schedule, which led to some short-term operational disruptions. The impact on capacity meant that some flights had to run twice, for example. Bottlenecks were alleviated by leasing an additional Dornier 328 on a temporary basis.

The launch of Saab 2000 service marks the beginning of increased capacity in comparison with the airline’s current 31-seater Dornier 328s. At present the airline has three Dorniers which will gradually be replaced by the bigger aircraft.

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