Skywest to get 5 more ATR 72-600s for Virgin Australia ops

Australia’s Skywest Airlines has confirmed plans to introduce five more ATR 72-600s into its fleet, to be operated on a range of routes on behalf of Virgin Australia.

These five new orders take to 13 the number of firm ATR 72 orders placed by the Singapore-based leasing company Avation PLC in 2011 for Skywest Airlines – four ATR 72-500s, which are already operating on Virgin Australia’s regional network, and nine new generation ATR 72-600s, the first of which Skywest will receive next year. This new contract for five ATR 72-600s, which are scheduled to be delivered from early 2013 through early 2014, also includes options for eight additional aircraft.

"We are delighted to have firmed up five additional aircraft and secured price protection on an additional eight aircraft over the next few years. This new agreement provides a potential delivery stream of aircraft for the next four years. Avation has entered discussions with respect to financing the acquisition costs of these aircraft," explained Avation chairman, Jeff Chatfield.

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