SkyWest, Inc. reports combined November traffic for SkyWest Airlines & ExpressJet

The combined load factor for SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet has increased by 1.9 percentage points from 80.3% in November 2014 to 81.8% for November 2015 although passenger numbers across the two carriers have decreased by 3.4% from 4,549,930 to 4,394,526 across the same respective periods.
SkyWest, Inc. has reported that the revenue passenger miles flown by both airlines dropped by 4% from 2,433,988,119 in November 2014 to 2,337,528,226 for the same month this year, whilst available seat miles have decreased by 5.7% from 3,030,752,688 to 2,858,166,684.
Figures for the year-to-date load factor across both SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet has increased by 0.4 percentage points from 82.4% in 2014 to 82.7%.
Available seat miles for the eleven months to November 2015 have dropped by 5.9% from 35,090,022,023 to 33,003,301,974 year-over-year against a 5.6% reduction in revenue passenger miles from 28,921,514,212 to 27,289,314,858.
Year-to-date passenger numbers from the airline have also decreased across the same respective periods by 4.5% from 54,215,889 to 51,778,374.

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