SkyWest Airlines partners with ATP Flight School

tSkyWest Airlines has become the latest carrier to take part in ATP Flight School’s Tuition Reimbursement Programme.ttATP Flight School’s Tuition Reimbursement Programme will see SkyWest reimburse pilots up to US$11,000 for flight training costs at ATP, while creating a direct path for pilots to become SkyWest cadets and thereby securing mentorships, access to company facilities, simulators and“We’re excited to partner with ATP to provide tuition assistance and prepare a solid pathway to SkyWest Airlines for ATP students,” remarked Tracy Gallo, VP flight operations, SkyWest Airlines. “Pilots at SkyWest Airlines have more career opportunities than at any other regional airline, and this partnership with ATP helps students at the 40 ATP locations across the country to truly take control of their careers by connecting with SkyWest Airlines.”ttConversely, ATP has become the 56th flight school to participate in SkyWest’s Pilot Pathway Programme, which means additional benefits such as enhanced seniority and a guaranteed final interview. It also allows students to remain at their campus to complete their flight training until they are able to meet SkyWest’s Airline Transport Pilot standards.

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