Skyways take over City Airline

Skyways has acquired Gothenburg-based City Airline with the two companies’ joint network set to make the company the leading regional player in the Scandinavian market where it will operate under the Skyways brand.

“The acquisition of City Airline is part of our strategy for continued growth of Skyways,” said Lars-Ake Bertilsson MD Avia Express Sweden AB/Skyways. “City Airline’s route network in western Sweden complements Skyways’ existing network in a very good way. Overall, we are now set to carry over 1 million passengers an annual basis.”

“We at City Airline have for a long time seen the need for consolidation and recapitalisation in order to develop further. Skyways has the financial muscle we need to develop our product. The merger will add new routes and increase passenger flow to allow for a profitable future. Together we are building a strong airline for the Scandinavian market,” remarked Jimmie Bergqvist, CEO of City Airline.

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