Sky Regional takes on Air Canada E175s to operate CPA

Air Canada has transferred all 15 of its Embraer 175s to Sky Regional for the latter to operate on behalf of Air Canada under a capacity purchase agreement (CPA) between the parties.
Sky Regional now operates 20 aircraft on behalf of Air Canada under this agreement.
"I am very pleased with the progress made in introducing more cost-competitive operations in a number of our key domestic and transborder regional markets," explained Calin Rovinescu, president and chief executive officer. "With the successful transfer of all of our 15 Embraer 175s, Sky Regional has demonstrated its proven ability as an Air Canada Express partner to maintain a seamless operation and customer experience on behalf of Air Canada. This is an important step both in Air Canada's regional carrier diversification strategy and our ongoing cost transformation programme, given that Sky Regional's cost structure is more in keeping with that of the US regional carriers. It allows Air Canada to reduce the cost of its regional lift and thereby to better compete in the rapidly evolving North American regional markets as low cost operators continue to grow, both in Canada and the United States."

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