SITA passenger check-in services for flynas

flynas has signed a five-year deal with SITA for the latter to provide a range of passenger check-in services including an end-to-end check-in solution incorporating SITA’s Departure Control Services (DCS), private IP VPN telecommunications infrastructure, Type B Messaging Service and service management.

“flynas has successfully managed rapid growth of over 30% in 2014, and we aim to set a new standard of efficiency for hybrid and budget travel in the region,” noted Paul Byrne, CEO of flynas. “By having SITA provide all of our check-in services and manage them centrally, we have generated immediate cost savings and can deliver on our promise to provide the lowest fares, on-time flights and friendly service. This new all-in-one model also facilitates more accurate budget planning and easier financial forecasting for new stations as we continue to grow.”

SITA DCS will provide all current and future flynas destinations with fast and efficient automated passenger check-in, boarding pass distribution and bag tag printing, covering both check-in counters and self-service, and the required connectivity and infrastructure solutions. The backbone of this service is SITA’s private IP VPN network and SITA’s Airport Hub, a network that connects the majority of airports around the world in a secure and optimised design.

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