SINGAPORE 2014: Thales avionics for TransAsia’s A320 family fleet

TransAsia Airways has selected for its 18 new A320 family aircraft a Thales avionics package which includes T3CAS, a surveillance solution integrating multiple functions into a single system.

This agreement has been made under the Selected Seller Furnished Equipment (SSFE) alternate choice at Airbus, which recently named T3CAS as the standard surveillance avionics suite on the A320 family. The system also provides the platform for ADS-B functions, which will pave the way for future air traffic control applications.

TransAsia has also selected Thales’s TopFlight flight management system (FMS). This system, developed with GE Aviation, has a market share of more than 60% and includes capabilities such as a landing system (FLS) capability.

“TransAsia Airways is pleased to have Thales on board our aircraft as we are confident that Thales’s avionics equipment will help us fulfil present and future navigation and surveillance requirements,” remarked Fred Wu, vice-president of TransAsia Airways.

“Like on the ATR, TransAsia Airways has decided to select the integrated system proposed by Thales/ACSS (T3CAS) on its A320 fleet. This system offers an integrated terrain awareness warning system (TAWS) included in the TCAS unit box and provides an exclusive performance-based algorithm giving timely alerts to the flight crew as well as being capable of Low RNP,” added Wu

Photo: Shimin Gu

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