SINGAPORE 2014: Pure-V engine designation for Tigerair’s V2500s

IAE International Aero Engines has awarded Tigerair its Pure-V designation for the V2500 engines powering the airline’s Airbus A320 family fleet.

A Pure-V designated engine contains IAE-approved parts and repairs throughout the entire engine. The programme was created to provide a designation to show that IAE customers’ engines have been maintained to OEM standards, for example those covered by a Fleet Hour Agreement (FHA), and to recognise “the superior value of these engines”. According to IAE’s records, approximately 60% of the V2500 fleet qualifies as Pure-V.

“We chose the V2500 engine for its reliability and efficiency,” said Ho Yuen Sang, chief operating officer of Tigerair. “The Pure-V designation will not only help our engines maintain their residual value but also give our customers the confidence that our engines are maintained to the highest standards.”

IAE’s records have shown that engines maintained to OEM standards consume less fuel, have fewer unscheduled removals and have up to 20% longer time-on-wing between shop visits.

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