Sharklet retrofit programme confirmed for in-service A320 family

Airbus has finally launched the Sharklet retrofit programme for in-service A320 family aircraft, having told reporters at the Paris Air Show that finding the business case was difficult.
The option will be available in 2015. Operators of older in-service A320 family aircraft will thus be able to benefit from the cost savings and performance improvements which the Sharklets are delivering on new-build aircraft.
This retrofit includes reinforcing the wing structure and adding the Sharklet wingtip device. As part of the upgrade, the retrofit will lengthen the aircraft’s service life and thus maximise the operators’ return on investment for the Sharklet retrofit.
Didier Lux, Airbus executive vice-president, customer services, explained, “Customers of new A320 family aircraft are unanimously enthusiastic about the benefits which Sharklets already bring to their operations. Now we can also offer this value-adding technology for upgrading their in-service aircraft, to increase range, reduce fuel-burn, while saving over 900 tonnes of CO2 per year, per aircraft.”

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