Seaborne to resume Dominica flights

From 23 September, Seaborne Airlines will resume normal operations to the Island of Dominica after flights were cancelled due to weather-related damage at Douglas Charles International Airport as a result of Tropical Storm Erika.Reinstated flights will include the daily American Airlines code-shared connecting service which takes off from Douglas Charles International Airport in Dominica at 07:00 and lands at San Juan’s Luis Munoz Marin International Airport at 08:45. The return leg will depart San Juan at 15:25, arriving back in Dominica at 17:35. Other reintroduced operations include interline connecting services to JetBlue, Delta and United Airlines through San Juan. Seaborne operated 92 relief flights into and out of the region between 23 August and 22 September, including 76 Guadeloupe flights and 18 non-passenger flights into and out of Dominica's Canefield Airport and Douglas Charles International Airport in conjunction with Ross University. Hundreds of medical students, faculty and relief workers were transported during this time, allowing students to start their studies and aiding recovery efforts. During this period, Seaborne Airlines also transported water and other needed relief items to assist with the recovery effort.Gary Foss, president and CEO of Seaborne Airlines, commented, “We want to thank Ross University for their massive efforts to move students, faculty and relief workers into and out of the country as well as providing additional ferry service from Guadeloupe to Dominica during this challenging time. We also would like to recognise and thank The Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority for their round-the-clock work to restore the airport's infrastructure, allowing the country to be re-linked to the global transportation grid. Their efforts have been nothing less than heroic.”As part of its ongoing relief work, Seaborne will continue to accept items such as over-the-counter medical supplies, non-perishable goods, underwear, bedding supplies, towels, and toiletries at the Seaborne Airlines San Juan counter at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport or at Seaborne Headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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