Scoot introduces gate-to-gate PED usage

From 1 September Scoot Airlines (Scoot) will be taking advantage of updated regulations from The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) allowing passengers the expanded use of personal electronic devices (PEDs) in-flight.

As long as their devices are on flight safe mode, Scoot passengers will be able to watch films, listen to music or read on their tablets, phones and e-readers throughout the entire flight. However, CAAS have specified that heavier devices such as laptops must still be stowed for taxi, take-off and landing for safety reasons.

“Increasingly, consumers use their own devices for entertainment, whether with content they've preloaded or that they're streaming from onboard services such as our ScooTV” commented Campbell Wilson, Scoot’s CEO. “And, with Scoot launching inflight Internet connectivity when its 787 fleet enters service from late 2014, there's even more reason to remain plugged-in.”

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