Scoot becomes first airline to operate all-Dreamliner fleet

Scoot has retired its last Boeing 777-200 aircraft after a final flight between Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo, and in doing so has become the first airline in the world to operate an all-Dreamliner fleet.
Since then, the airline’s seventh Boeing 787 aircraft has entered into service.
“Since deploying our first Dreamliner in February of this year, Scoot has transitioned to an all-787 fleet in record time – just seven months. It is therefore appropriate that our latest Dreamliner sports the name 'Lickity-Split'!” averred Scoot's CEO, Campbell Wilson. “Scoot's 787 has allowed us to set a new standard in budget travel, with great new offerings such as Wi-Fi internet connectivity, streaming entertainment and in-seat power throughout the aircraft, complementing the many choices already enjoyed by our guests. Aside from its great cabin ambiance and improved passenger comfort, the 787's fantastic operating economics allow us to offer even better value airfares – even more reasons to get outta here!”
Scoot also has a firm order for twenty more of the type, split equally between the 335-seat 787-8 and the 375-seat 787-9.

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