Ryukyu Air Commuter takes delivery of first Q400 Cargo-Combi

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft has delivered the first of five Q400 cargo-combi aircraft to launch customer Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC), a member of the Japan Airlines Group.
Unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow in July 2014, the aircraft offers up to 4082KG of cargo capacity and up to 32 cubic metres of cargo volume while accommodating 50 passengers at 32-inch seat pitch or 58 at 29-inch seat pitch.
“We are very excited to be the launch operator for the Q400 cargo-combi aircraft,” declared Takashi Irei, president of Ryukyu Air Commuter. “We always aim to offer the highest level of comfort and convenience for our customers and the Q400 cargo-combi aircraft offers the ideal platform for the evolution of our service. Increasing efficient air travel options around Japan’s Okinawa islands will provide strong economic and leisure advantages.”
Fred Cromer, president of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, averred, “With the delivery of our first combi aircraft, we are celebrating a standout accomplishment for the Q400 aircraft programme. Recognised worldwide for its versatility, proven reliability and superior performance, the Q400 aircraft now offers optimum solutions with its single-class, dual-class, extra capacity and combi configurations, and is once again reinventing the modern turboprop market. By operating on routes with high cargo demand and medium to low passenger loads, RAC will benefit from the unique economic potential of the Q400 cargo-combi aircraft.”ttPictured (left to right): Takashi Irei, president of Ryukyu Air Commuter; and Hugues Lessard, VP and general manager of operations at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

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