Ryanair to add bases in Athens and Thessaloniki

As part of a $280 million investment in Greece, Ryanair is to open its second and third Greek bases (its 63rd and 64th) at Athens and Thessaloniki in April 2014 with a total of 3 based aircraft and 9 new routes.

The Athens base will initially have two based aircraft and have six new routes added to its destination list – Chania, London, Milan, Paphos, Rhodes and Thessaloniki. With these, the airline will operate 154 weekly flights from Athens, which should deliver more than 1.2 million new passengers a year at the airport.

In Thessaloniki, the base will open with one based aircraft and add three new routes, to Athens, Pisa & Warsaw. These new destinations takes Ryanair’s total from the airport to 16, which will produce 212 weekly flights and bring in more than 1.6 million passengers each year.

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