Ryanair outlines 2015 plans for Always Getting Better

Ryanair has drawn up a series of initiatives it aims to roll out in 2015 as part of the second year of its three-year “Always Getting Better” programme, as well as launching a new customer charter to coincide with the airline’s 30th anniversary.
“Always Getting Better” is promising improvements large and small this year, from installing the Boeing SkyInterior and new seats on board Ryanair aircraft to refreshing cabin crew uniforms. The carrier has also said it will lower airport check-in and missed departure fees and offer a new travel insurance product.
The website is clearly a main focus, with Ryanair saying 2015 will see an improved desktop and enhanced “My Ryanair” customer registration system. Passengers will also have the option of viewing airline fare comparisons in real time. The website will eventually be personalised, offering up to 100 versions of the homepage and customised promotional emails with passenger-specific tailored offers. In terms of mobile, the airline wants to supply users with faster native mobile apps.
Other changes include the introduction of a new flight cancellation option, costing €15 per segment fee within 24 hours of booking, and a new 'hold the fare' feature (it will be €5 to hold a fare for 24 hours).
Furthermore, the airline new destination content service, featuring customer reviews and an improved inflight menu, with more healthy meal choices and a hot breakfast pre-order service on key routes.
Ryanair’s new customer charter consists of an eight-promise plan, including pledges to provide the lowest fares and the best choice of destinations, to always prioritise safety and reliability, to strive to make travel an enjoyable experience, while being transparent and simple, while innovating to make travel exciting.
Following these announcements, Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, commented, “2014/15 was a record year for Ryanair, as we grew our traffic to 90 million customers and started to dramatically improve the customer experience through the introduction of allocated seating, a second free carry-on bag, our new mobile app and website and our new dedicated Family Extra and Business Plus services.
“We now want to celebrate our 30th birthday in 2015 by launching our new Customer Charter and the second year of our “Always Getting Better” plan as we grow to carry 100 million customers this year,” O’Leary concluded.
Photo (left to right): Ryanair's chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs and Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary

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