Ryanair calls on EU to make Alitalia repay €300m ‘illegal’ state aid

Ryanair is to appeal the EU General Court ruling which allows CAI, the new owners of Alitalia, to avoid repaying the €300 million of illegal state aid which the EU Commission ruled (in 2008) that Alitalia had received from the Italian government.

Ryanair declares: “This failure to require Alitalia or CAI to repay €300 million of illegal state aid is yet another example of bias in favour of EU flag carriers where the EU Commission has ruled that they received illegal state aid, but refuses to enforce the repayment of this state aid, while at the same time DG Comm has launched 16 investigations into Ryanair deals at regional airports, despite the fact that the EU Court (in the 2008 Charleroi case) dismissed the Commission’s allegations of state aid to Charleroi”.

Ryanair’s head of communications Stephen McNamara added, “As usual with the EU Commission, there’s one set of rules – or rather no rules – for the flag carriers, and a different set of rules for Ryanair.”

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