Republic Airways Holdings reports August 2015 traffic

?Republic Airways Holdings carried 2,005,765 passengers during August 2015, 2% less than the 2,051,866 carried in August the previous year.
The reduction in passengers is partly due to a 7% reduction in available seat miles across the same respective periods from 1,313,708,000 to 1,219,127,000 and a reduction in block hours of 8% from 67,298 to 61,847. However, since revenue passenger miles only decreased by 6% from 1,041,133,000 in August 2014 to 973,650,000 for August this year, Republic Airways’ load factor for August 2015 increased by 1% year-over-year from 79% to 80%.
The airline’s departures also decreased by 4% from 37,959 to 36,442 across the same respective periods.

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