RAA supporting revision of duty and rest regulations

The Regional Airline Association in the USA has filed comments supporting FAA administrator Randy Babbitt’s aim to combat crew fatigue, while recommending science-based revisions that will ensure airline flight crews are rested and safe.

RAA representatives and member airlines actively participated in the Flight and Duty Time Limitations and Rest Requirements Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) chartered by the administrator last summer. This followed the RAA’s earlier launch of its own Strategic Safety Initiative (SSI) which specifically called for a study of pilot commuting and research on identifying pilot fatigue in airline operations. Many of the elements in the SSI have been incorporated into the FAA proposed rulemaking, the Association noted..

“Fatigue avoidance is a joint responsibility of airline management and individual pilots, and we applaud the FAA’s efforts to revise the current outdated rules and push the development of new rules based on new research into fatigue and today’s real-world airline environment,” emphasised RAA president Roger Cohen. “The RAA-sponsored, independent fatigue study, currently underway by Washington State University’s world-renowned Sleep and Performance Research Center, should provide groundbreaking science focused on multi-segment airline operations.

“The regional airline industry is dedicated in its commitment to ensure safe operations recognising that half of the nation’s flights and 75% of US communities depend exclusively on regional airlines for their only scheduled service,” added Cohen.

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