RAA statement on House hearing over AIRR Act

The Regional Airline Association (RAA) has issued a statement regarding the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Hearing on the Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act, reiterating its opposition to the Act in its current form.

“The Regional Airline Association’s (RAA) member airlines operate 45% of our nation’s daily flights, and yet have no voice in the governance or operation of the new ATC corporation proposed in the AIRR Act,” declared RAA president Faye Malarkey Black. “We are particularly concerned that the bill leaves questions about charges and fees unanswered, with variables like the role of weight, distance, or other factors important to regional airlines unclear.”

RAA noted that during a House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure hearing on the AIRR Act, the number of seats allocated to major airlines in the governance board associated with the proposed ATC Corporation was debated. During the discussion, the number of daily commercial aviation departures in the US – around 27,000 – was cited as a justification for major airlines maintaining four seats on the board without acknowledging that almost half of those 27,000 daily departures are operated by regional carriers who would have no representation in the new entity formed by the Act.

The RAA ststed that it “remains committed to a safe, efficient, and accountable ATC system and believes all stakeholders must have a voice in this process, especially those responsible for such a large percentage of the nation’s commercial flying”.

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