RAA 2014: CRJ900 to get improved fuel burn

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft’s vice-president of sales–Americas, Kevin Smith, has announced at the RAA Annual Convention that the CRJ900 has received upgrades which will produce a 5.5% fuel burn enhancement.

The first deliveries of these upgraded models will be to American Airlines subsidiary, Envoy Air. The aircraft will also have 16 Main Cabin Extra seats with 2 inches of extra legroom compared with normal economy, which Smith noted can add to revenues by being sold at a premium.

Smith explained that the improved fuel burn will be the product of a change of nozzle in the engine from a chevron to a conic nozzle. “There are weight savings all over the aircraft and a number of aerodynamic improvements. This now becomes the production standard, to be delivered to all future customers. And we also have further enhancements which we hope to introduce to improve the aircraft even further,” he announced.

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/LARAnews.net
St Louis, Missouri, USA

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