QantasLink to open heavy maintenance base in Canberra

QantasLink is to create a Boeing 717 heavy maintenance base in Canberra to support the 18 717s the carrier has in its fleet.
QantasLink CEO John Gissing, remarked, “From October, Canberra will be at the heart of our Boeing 717 engineering operations, which will complement our increased flying out of Canberra with this aircraft type and allow us to better utilise our existing assets at Canberra Airport.
“This is an investment in new jobs and technical capabilities at Canberra Airport and builds on our strong commitment of over 260 Qantas Group employees in the Australian Capital Territory,” Gissing continued.Heavy maintenance checks are performed on QantasLink’s Boeing 717 aircraft every two years, which takes on average around 28 days and 5,500 man hours. This is in addition to line maintenance checks, which are carried out every few days, in ports across Australia, including Canberra.
QantasLink will continue to conduct heavy maintenance checks on its Q400, Q300 and Q200 aircraft at its heavy maintenance facility in Tamworth.

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