PW1500G completes first flight test programme

The Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G engine, built to the PW1524G configuration to be used on the Bombardier CSeries aircraft family, has concluded its first flight test programme during which it completed 25 flights totalling 115 flight hours.

“The results confirmed our earlier sea level test findings validating the geared turbofan’s overall engine design,” reported Bob Saia, P&W’s vice-president, Next Generation Product Family. “The engine operated flawlessly, enabling us to conduct double the number of flight hours we initially planned. Our expanded test programme enabled us to conduct additional flight testing, which was planned for early 2012. This engine will return to our sea level test facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, to continue testing.”

The PW1524G engine has been flight testing on Pratt & Whitney’s Boeing 747SP flying testbed at Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Mirabel Aerospace Centre, Québec, since 20 June. Final production assembly and testing will also occur at the Mirabel facility for both the PW1524G and P&WC’s advanced PW800 family of PurePower engines for the next generation of large business jets.

In addition to more than 800 hours of full engine testing to date, Pratt & Whitney has performed critical part level and engine subsystem testing to validate designs for the PurePower engine programme, including hundreds of hours of core and rig testing, design validation of the fan drive gear system, bird ingestion and fan blade containment and compressor performance for the advanced PW1000G core. Pratt & Whitney currently has five PW1000G family engines in test and an additional five in the build cycle.

The PW1500G engine test programme will run a total of eight test engines over the next 16 months with engine certification scheduled for 2012 and entry into service in late 2013.

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