PurePower core tests validating performance targets, says P&W

Pratt & Whitney has completed more than 100 hours of testing on its full-scale PurePower engine core, reporting that the tests have successfully validated the performance goals set for the new engines and demonstrating excellent starting and operability characteristics.

The results of the PurePower core testing further confirm that the first PW1000G engine to test is on target for later this summer for the Bombardier CSeries, followed by the first engine to test for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet.

“We are extremely pleased with the core test results indicating that the overall engine performance is well aligned with expectations,” confirmed Paul Adams, Pratt & Whitney senior vice-president, engineering. “These results position us to execute the development of our Next Generation Product Family flawlessly.”

“The PurePower core, when combined with our lightweight, low-speed propulsor technologies, enables Pratt & Whitney to deliver world class levels of fuel burn, noise, and emissions at lower turbine temperatures and pressures with fewer compressor and turbine stages,” emphasised Bob Saia, Pratt & Whitney vice-president, Next Generation Product Family “These characteristics ultimately result in significant operating cost advantages to our customers.”

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