Prototype L-410NG rolled out by Aircraft Industries Company

The Czech manufacturer of small transport civil aircraft, Aircraft Industries Company, has rolled out the prototype of the L-410NG, the upgraded 19-seat turboprop based on the L-410UVP-E20.

The L-410NG is equipped with advanced avionics and the first flight of the prototype is expected shortly.

The new wing structure, with integral fuel tank and increased fuel capacity, give the L-410 NG significantly longer range (2,500 km) and endurance (10 hours). The aircraft has increased maximum payload (2,154 kg/4,749 lb) and a larger front luggage compartment increasing the total luggage compartments volume to 2.98 m3/105.24 ft3.

The L 410NG aircraft is powered by new, more powerful GE H85 engines with maximum takeoff power 850 HP and AV-725 propellers. The new engine gearbox enables significant external and internal noise reduction due to lower maximum propeller speed – now reduced from 2,080 to 1,950 rpm. The engine power increase enables the maximal cruise speed to rise to 417 km/hr TAS.

Glass cockpit technology with avionics from Garmin (G3000) provides the highest level of flight safety and comfort for the crew. The L-410NG will also have a completely modernised cabin interior and more comfortable passenger seats. The service life of the aircraft will also be significantly increased (30 000 FH and/or cycles as minimum).

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