Prototype L 410NG completes first flight

Following the rollout ceremony of the Aircraft Industries Company’s prototype L 410NG on 15 July in Kunovice, Czech Republic, the aircraft has successfully completed its maiden flight at the company’s airport.Piloted by Petr Jarocky and Stanislav Sklenar together with specialists from AIC’s production quality department, the inaugural flight tested basic flight characteristics and performance of the aircraft including control system functions, powerplant functions, fuel system functions and navigation system functions amongst other parameters. This marks the beginning of a series of certification flight tests.The 19-passenger L 410NG aircraft is a substantially upgraded model of the current serially produced L 410 UVPE20 turboprop due to a new, all-metal wing structure. Furthermore, with an integral fuel tank and increased fuel capacity, the L 410NG enables a significantly longer maximum range (2500 km) and endurance (10 hours).It is powered by GE H85 engines with maximum takeoff power 850 hp and AV-725 propellers. The new engine gearbox enables significant external and internal noise reduction due to lower maximum propeller speed. Finally, glass cockpit technology with the latest avionics from Garmin (G3000) has been incorporated to provide the highest level of flight safety and comfort for the crew.Serial production of the L 410 NG is planned for 2017 when the aircraft’s certification should be complete. The future goal of the Aircraft Industries Company is to produce up to thirty L 410NG aircraft per year.

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