Previous undisclosed CSeries customer adds 3 firm CS300s

Bombardier Aerospace has announced that an existing customer, which has asked to remain unidentified at this time, has placed a firm order for an additional three CS300 aircraft.

Bombardier has not stated how many the previous order contained nor the total number the customer now has on order.

“We are thrilled that one of our existing customers is confidently ordering more aircraft and has pushed our firm-order tally beyond the 200th order milestone,” remarked Mike Arcamone, president, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

“The CSeries programme is quickly generating increased interest from existing and prospective customers as the flight test programme has ramped up with the first two flight test vehicles, FTV1 and FTV2 well into their flight and ground tests. Additionally, in early February, FTV3 was handed over from our production team to the flight test team and we anticipate it will start flying soon,” Arcamone added. “We have more than 10 aircraft in various stages of testing and production, and together with the key components being manufactured at our partner sites for aircraft that follow, the CSeries aircraft programme is progressing steadily.”

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