PowerJet SaM146 engine certified by EASA

Patrick Goudou (left), executive director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), has presented the type certificate for the SaM146 engine to Jean-Paul Ebanga, chairman and CEO of PowerJet (right).

The SaM146 is now certified for service on regional jet aircraft within Europe. Approval by the Russian certification agency Avia Register is expected within a few weeks.

According to Goudou, “This certification shows that the SaM146 engine fully complies with EU safety regulations. It is the culmination of a particularly successful collaboration between PowerJet, the InterstateAviation Committee of Russia and EASA. It marks the first certification of an aircraft engine jointly designed and produced in France and in Russia.”

“We are very proud of earning the type certificate for our SaM146 engine,” remarked Ebanga. “PowerJet will provide a state-of-the-art engine right from service entry of the Sukhoi Superjet 100. This is also a landmark in relations between the European and Russian aerospace industries. We are now looking forward to seeing the SaM146 enter revenue service in the next few months.”

The SaM146 completed its certification tests on 26 May by passing the final medium bird ingestion test. Throughout the certification test programme, the SaM146’s performance has fully met or exceeded expectations, reports the OEM. The SaM146 engine has logged 7,100 hours of testing to date, including 3,500 hours in flight.

PowerJet says it is now focusing on the ramp-up in engine production, as well as gearing up for in-service support to ensure customer satisfaction.

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