Polynesian airline Tetiaroa lands Islander

French Polynesian commercial operator Air Tetiaroa has taken delivery of a second turboprop Islander (BN2T) from UK aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman.

The aircraft will transport guests from a regional airport in Tahiti to a luxury resort some 30 miles away on a small private island. The Rolls Royce-powered Islander enables guests to fly directly to the exclusive Brando Resort on Tetiaroa on a “short but spectacular 20-minute flight,” according to the airline.

Britten-Norman’s business development manager, Lara Harrison, said: “For more than 50 years the Islander has excelled at getting people to places that other aircraft, and indeed other transport, cannot. It brings even the most remote locations, even tiny atolls, into reach, quickly, reliably and safely.”

The aircraft in its current configuration transports up to six passengers at a time from the luxury private terminal at Faa’a International Airport to Onetahi, one of 11 islets making up the island of Tetiaroa.

The airline’s general manager, Laurent Darcy, said its choice for the Islander was dictated by its short take-off and landing performance, and the adapted capacity to air operations for the resort. Air Tetiaroa is also able to meet various demands from clients and operate other legs to islands such as Bora Bora, he added.

The BN2T Islander is powered by two 320 SHP Rolls Royce B17 turboprops with Hartzell 3-bladed propellers and features a number of enhancements including a more refined interior and state-of-the-art cockpit centred around the latest-generation Garmin family of avionics. Other standard options include enlarged baggage bay door and air-conditioning.

[Pictured are William Hynett, chief executive of Britten-Norman (left) and Jean-Claude Rousseau, aircraft maintenance manager for Air Tetiaroa.]


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