Piedmont launches cadet programme

Piedmont Airlines has created a cadet programme in which it will partner with select colleges and flight schools to provide tuition reimbursement and other benefits to pilots once they achieve Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) status.
Successful candidates will become instructors at a Piedmont partner school and receive tuition reimbursement up to US$5,000. After reaching the necessary number of flight hours, pilots will be placed into an Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP) course and provided with transportation and accommodations at no cost.
Once the course is completed successfully, pilots will begin training to be first officers with Piedmont at the American Airlines training centre in Charlotte. At the start of training, each cadet pilot will receive an additional US$6,000 in tuition reimbursement.
“As we grow our fleet of regional jets, Piedmont’s immediate need is experienced pilots who can upgrade quickly to the left seat,” explained Piedmont’s president, Lyle Hogg. “But we also recognise that long term success means investing now in talented young pilots. We will count on them to fill the gap when our more senior aviators move on to American Airlines. It’s an excellent opportunity for seamless advancement from student, to pilot instructor and on to Piedmont where they’ll have the opportunity to move up to American through our seniority-based flow through agreement.”

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