Pegasus implements airRM for revenue management

Revenue Management Systems (RMS) has announced that Pegasus Airlines has started using airRM, the company’s revenue management, inventory control, and reporting system to manage its flights.

“We are excited to be working with Pegasus,” remarked Scott Schade, CEO of RMS. “We look forward to the revenue management team at Pegasus being able to reap the benefits of our software and support. We are also pleased to include Crane, the airline reservation (RES) system used by Pegasus, as the 11th RES system with connectivity to airRM.”

“Pegasus Airlines recently started using airRM in production. Based on our experience during the selection, training, and go live periods we are confident that airRM is the revenue management system solution that best meets the needs of operating in our highly competitive environment. The system increases our work efficiency and allows us to focus more on analysis in addition to day-to-day management,” said Asuman Kocaer, manager of revenue management and pricing at Pegasus Airlines.

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