Peach Aviation introduces Airbus EFB on iPads

Peach Aviation has chosen Airbus’s electronic flight bag (EFB) – FlySmart with Airbus – to be used by pilots on iPads.

Peach Aviation pilots will also be able to compute their aircraft performance calculations which will provide them with optimised and accurate results on any runway within the airline’s route network.

Shinichi Inoue, Peach’s CEO, commented, “FlySmart with Airbus will allow us to realise optimised operations and to remove paper thus reducing associated costs. We consider this solution a real asset for our future operations to further improve the quality of our service.”

In addition, Peach Aviation will also benefit from the “EFB Assessment and EFB Operational Approval Assistance” service called APPROVE4Flight provided by Airbus Flight Operations Services. This service provides on-site support for the compliance dossier including an analysis of the existing organisation and processes.

Didier Lux, senior vice-president of Airbus Customer Services, remarked, “We are delighted to welcome Peach Aviation as a new FlySmart with Airbus customer. We are confident that this agreement will open new perspectives in Japan to further expand the use of Airbus e-Solutions and the services provided by Airbus Flight Operations Services throughout the region.”

Peach Aviation operates 15 Airbus A320s and will take delivery of five additional A320s starting in July 2015.

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