Parker fuel, inerting and hydraulic systems for C919

Parker Aerospace has been chosen as the fuel, inerting, and hydraulic systems provider for the COMAC C919, which will be partly facilitated via joint venture between Parker and AVIC Systems.

The system contracts will generate more than $2.5 billion in revenue over the life of the programme for Parker.

"Parker is honoured to have been chosen to supply the fuel, inerting, and hydraulic systems on the C919," said its vice-president Asia Pacific, Pui Ho. "We are committed to China and to supporting its rapidly expanding aerospace industry."

The Parker Aerospace fluid systems and electronic systems divisions will be responsible for the complete fuel and inerting systems for the aircraft. The fuel system equipment will handle multiple functions for the aircraft’s fuel system and includes engine feed, APU feed, refuel and defuel, venting, scavenge, fuel quantity gauging, and integrated modular avionics fuel gauging and management software. The inerting system includes the conditioned air supply and electronic control, as well as nitrogen-enriched air generation and distribution, reducing the flammability of fuel vapours in the aircraft’s fuel tanks and increasing aircraft safety.

Parker Aerospace’s hydraulic systems division will be responsible for the complete C919 hydraulic system, including engine-driven pumps, variable frequency motor pumps, power transfer unit, reservoirs, filter assemblies, shutoff valves, quick disconnects, and other equipment. The hydraulic system contract also features a hydraulic control and monitoring software package for the C919 integrated modular avionics controller. The hydraulic system provides the functions necessary to power and control the aircraft’s flight control system, landing gear and steering systems, and thrust-reversers.

Parker Aerospace and AVIC Systems have signed an agreement to form a joint venture for the development and support of the C919 large aircraft programme. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

The JV is being formed to provide local, in-country support of the joint development of Parker’s hydraulic and fuel systems for the C919. A significant portion of the systems’ component design, test, and manufacture will take place at the new facility, as well as systems integration and test functions.

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