PARIS 2015: Show deals add up to $14 billion for CFM

CFM International’s LEAP and CFM56 product lines garnered a total of 835 engines – in orders, commitments, and long-term service agreements – during the 2015 Paris Air Show.

“In just three days, we more than doubled our total orders for this year, with the CFM56 and LEAP product lines doing very well,” declared Jean-Paul Ebanga, CFM’s president and CEO. “More than 80% of the CFM orders and commitments have come from lessors and Asian customers which are pulling the aerospace market forward.”

Among the lessors were AerCap Holdings (200 LEAP-1Bs); GE Capital Aviation Services (120 LEAP-1As); SMBC Aviation Capital (60 LEAP-1As and 20 LEAP-1Bs). The main low-fare airline to announce an order at the show was Peach Aviation, whcih signed for six CFM56-5B engines.

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