PARIS 2015: easyJet signs Airbus Upgrade Services for cabin retrofit programme

easyJet has reached agreement with Airbus’s Upgrade Services division for the retrofit of up to 105 of its A320 cabins, with each new cabin featuring six additional seats whilst maintaining current passenger comfort levels while adding the capability of allowing full access to one of the lavatories for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs).

The move follows the decision by easyJet for all new A320s received after May 2016 to have 186 seats. The new cabin layout will be achieved through a combination of the recently certified ‘Max-Pax’ seating capability for the A320 family and the Space-Flex v2 which optimises the cabin space at the rear of the aircraft allowing high service levels to be maintained.

Deliveries of the upgrade kits for the retrofit aircraft are planned between autumn 2016 and spring 2018.

In 2014 Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace reached an agreement to develop a second option of the integrated “Space-Flex” PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) lavatory and galley module. Called “Space-Flex v2”, this latest example of continuous innovation on the A320 family offers a larger galley area while maintaining the original Space-Flex’s benefit of facilitating up to six extra passenger seats.

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