PARIS 2015: Airbus’s ‘Smarter Fleet’ electronic Flight Folder launched by AirAsia

AirAsia has signed up to be the launch customer of Airbus’s latest “Smarter Fleet” electronic Flight Folder (eFF).eFF is a software application designed to allows pilots to access their briefing package on board the aircraft, or from home, the hotel, or the crew briefing room. The software can also manage electronic forms such as the post flight journey log and air safety reports. It is interconnected with the airline environment, delivering briefing packages and automatically archiving data.“At AirAsia we place great importance in making sure that our crew are equipped with the latest applications and an optimised working environment,” remarked Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia. “With the latest solutions being offered by Airbus, we can reduce paper in the cockpit, enhance overall efficiency and ensure that we maintain the very highest standards of safety and operational excellence.”The new eFF application can be combined with a whole suite of Smarter Fleet solutions to optimise end-to-end operations. For example, with the Maintenance Mobility module, maintenance personnel will be provided with timely information including documentation, work packages, and critical aircraft technical data, harnessing the benefits of mobile technology.

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