PARIS 2011: European MRJ customer targeted as stretch model develops

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation believes the opening of its European HQ in Amsterdam will accelerate the prospect of getting the first MRJ customer in the continent.

The company’s EVP Junichi Miyakawa, noted that the Trans States Holdings order for the MRJ came not long after the US office was opened. “We’re looking for a similar result in Europe. We certainly have discussions going with a number of airlines – and Europe has more operators than the US,” he commented.

The potential stretched model of the family, currently dubbed the MRJ100X, has had its performance specifications completed. And Europe is proving one of the more receptive markets for the 100-seater, Miyakawa acknowledged. “One of the parameters to think about when stretching an aircraft is the loss of range capability. So with European customers generally demanding less range than US airlines, they are very interested in the -100X.”

The EVP confirmed that if and when it comes to market, the MRJ100X would not require any changes to the engine, with the PW1217G being sufficient.

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Paris, France

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