PARIS 2011: Blue Panorama signs up for 12 SSJ100s

Italian carrier Blue Panorama Airlines has ordered 12 Sukhoi Superjet 100s in a deal with Superjet International.

Explaining his airline’s choice, Blue Panorama’s chairman and CEO, Franco Pecci, commented, “As an all-Italian airline, I decided to focus on the only available aircraft that represents the return to the highest worldwide levels of the Italian civil aviation industry. The combination of Russian excellence in aerodynamics with the most advanced western systems and engines as well as the Italian [interior] design make the SSJ100 the best choice. Its technical performance reduces environmental impact and new standards of comfort complete the characteristics of this superb aircraft. With the acquisition, we are also proud to become the first European carrier to operate this aircraft.

“With this new aircraft Blue Panorama Airlines will offer new routes into markets that are not often connected today,” Pecci added.

Carmelo Cosentino, president and chairman of SuperJet International, remarked, “We are very proud to announce this important agreement which definitely proves the interest of European customers in the SSJ100. Blue Panorama is a dynamic and aggressive airline and it is expanding its fleet in the regional market.”

Photo shows, from left: Franco Pecci, chairman and CEO of Blue Panorama Airlines, Alenia Aeronautica CEO, Giuseppe Giordo and Carmelo Cosentino, chairman, SuperJet International.

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