PAIFA enrols ATP-CTP students in Miami

Pan Am International Flight Academy (PAIFA) has welcomed its inaugural class of Airline Transport Pilot Certification (ATP-CTP) students on a week-long training regime at its Miami training centre.Six students have undertaken 30 hours of academic training on topics including aerodynamics, meteorology, air carrier operations, leadership, CRM and safety. The students will also receive 10 hours of training and demonstration – four hours fixed-base, six hours full flight – in the centre’s Airbus A320 or Boeing 737NG full-motion Level D simulators.In an effort to improve overall air safety, the FAA recently implemented additional steps to achieving ATP certification, such as completion of the ATP-CTP course alongside increased flight experience and the necessity of passing the ATP written exam as well as performing at the required levels during the ATP practical oral and flight testing.Ralph Leach, VP of sales and marketing, Pan Am International Flight Academy, stated, “Pan Am is the only company able to offer ATP-CTP training on these different aircraft, which positions us to be a major provider of this required course. With our already comprehensive list of training programmes and courses, the addition of ATP-CTP training makes Pan Am the single source educational aviation organisation for customers.”

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