OSyS ETL cleared as primary techlog on BA CityFlyer E-Jets

BA CityFlyer has been granted approval by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to deploy the electronic technical log (ETL) from Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS) as the primary techlog system on the carrier’s recently-purchased fleet of 11 Embraer E-Jets.

The approval comes just four months after BA CityFlyer made the selection of the OSyS ETL for its fleet.

Prior to seeking regulatory approval, BA CityFlyer conducted trials involving the parallel use of its paper technical log and the OSyS ETL on its existing fleet. The airline moved forward to the approval based on the quick success of the ETL.

Having proved the viability of the ETL and received regulatory approval, BA CityFlyer has removed the traditional, bulky paper techlog from the first aircraft delivered for its new fleet and will use electronic techlog capability exclusively in its aircraft operations.

“Achieving the project milestones of completing successful trials and gaining regulatory approval with OSyS’ ETL solution as quickly as we did is very significant,” explained Carl McNally, general manager of operations and engineering for BA CityFlyer. “First, our crews benefited from the shortened period in which they had to complete both paper and electronic the logs at each turnaround. Also, because it allows us to introduce the ETL solution in tandem with the roll-out of our recently-acquired aircraft, we will be realising the benefits of the ETL use – reduced costs, improved operational efficiency and increased availability of maintenance information – much sooner.”

“The ability to rapidly deploy our ETL solution enables OSyS to deliver benefits to our customers much sooner,” claimed Mark Goodhind, director of customer business – fleet optimisation solutions for OSyS. “As a leader in the development and implementation of electronic flight bag (EFB) technology and applications, we know the importance of a successful ETL solution in helping airline operators meet the difficult challenges of today’s economic climate. The ETL provides better data faster, reduces the overhead costs and inconvenience of paper logs, and supplies more accurate aircraft data, resulting in improved performance and increased availability and reliability of aircraft across BA CityFlyer’s fleet.”

The electronic technical log is one application within the OSyS EFB, which integrates aircraft data with ground processes to improve aircraft availability and reduce operational costs. By replacing the paper techlogs and associated manual processes, the ETL enables more accurate entries and data tracking, as well as cutting the time required for the logging process. In addition, the ETL provides a proactive, near-real-time link between flight and maintenance operations. With this information, maintenance operations can be prepared to initiate repairs rapidly, saving time and minimising impact to airline schedules.

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