NTSB investigating near miss at Burbank involving Southwest

The US National Transportation Safety Board has opened an investigation into the near collision of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 and a Cessna 172 at the intersection of two active runways at Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport in Southern California.

At about 10:58 am PDT on 19 April, Southwest Airlines flight 649, a Boeing 737-700 inbound from Oakland, carrying 119 passengers and a crew of five was landing on runway 8 while a Cessna 172, in the departure phase of a “touch and go” on runway 15, passed over the 737.

According to the FAA, the aeroplanes came within 200 feet vertically and 10 feet laterally of each other at the runway intersection. No one was injured in the incident, which occurred under a clear sky with visibility of 10 miles.

NTSB investigator Betty Koschig, an air traffic control specialist based in Washington, is in Burbank overseeing the investigation.

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