Norwegian’s announces new company structure

Norwegian's Board of Directors have approved a new structure designed to ensure the company's international growth and the necessary traffic rights.
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA continues to be overall parent company. This parent company has established two new wholly-owned subsidiaries, each with their own operating certificate (AOC), one in Norway and one in Europe. The company intends to begin hiring pilots at bases outside Scandinavia.
The most important changes see the new Norwegian operating company with its own AOC in Norway based on the current Scandinavian bases and all pilots in Scandinavia transferred to the Norwegian operating company with current pay and working conditions . Other employees of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA are not affected.
As mentioned, a separate EU operational company has been created to ensure the necessary traffic rights to fly from other European countries. These companies will hire local pilots for their bases. The first is the base in Finland, where the pilots will be offered permanent employment in the first quarter of 2014. These will be followed by bases in Spain and England.

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