Nok Air to use airRM for revenue management

Nok Air is implementing airRM software from Revenue Management Systems (RMS) to look after the carrier’s revenue management, inventory control and reporting tools.
"We are honoured to be selected by Nok Air as their revenue management systems partner,” declared Joshua Bustos, VP sales and support for RMS in Asia. “airRM's industry leading forecasting, reporting and analysis tools will enable Nok to maximise its revenues in a very competitive market. We look forward to helping Nok transform the Thai aviation market and bring low fares to millions.”
RMS claims that instead of a traditional revenue management system which focuses on individual flight departures, airRM provides analysts the ability to manage thousands of flights simultaneously. The aim is to identify sales opportunities, maximise passenger revenues, closely control pricing and analyse performance using a range of data sources, which airRM lists as “PNR, O&D crossing traffic, OAG, ATPCO, T-100, DB1B, Twitter, tour operator, ancillary revenues and weather reports.”
airRM is also currently used by airlines including Ryanair, AirAsia and Jetstar Australia.

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