New SSJ100 FFS at SJI’s Zhukovsky training centre

A new Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) full flight simulator (FFS) aircraft has been put in place at the Zhukovsky Training Centre near Moscow which is managed by SuperJet International (SJI).

The FFS has been produced by Thales as a “Reality 7” model and is equipped with LCOS projectors for the visual system, electro-hydraulic motion system and new IOS station with improved ergonomics.

After an initial period of testing, the FFS will reach the approval by Rosavjacia as Level C per JAR FSTD. The training of Russian pilots on the device will start in October 2011. EASA certification at the same level according to JAR FSTD will follow. At a second stage, the device will be upgraded to Level D, the maximum level of certification for the FFS according to JAR FSTD A regulation.

“We are very proud for having reached this challenging milestone,” remarked Carlo Logli, CEO of SuperJet International. “This represents a further sign of the great level of co-operation we have managed to achieve with our partner Sukhoi Civil Aviation Company (SCAC). Our joint effort is allowing our training centre in Zhukovsky to continue the training of Aeroflot pilots by utilizing this highly technologically advanced training tool. This is certainly a major improvement for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 program”.

“The new SSJ100 FFS is providing the pilot community in Russia with an outstanding opportunity,” commented Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk, president of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company. “The utilisation of this new device, in fact, enables pilots which are already certified on Russian commercial aircraft, such as Tu-134, Tu154 or An-24, to increase their rating without flying the real SSJ100. This means a professional step ahead performed in a totally safe environment and at cost effective conditions.”

In 2012, two other SSJ100 FFSs will be delivered by Thales, one to be positioned at the Aeroflot Training Centre at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow and the other to be installed at the SuperJet International Training Centre in Venice, Italy.

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