New Skies reservation system goes live at AirAsia

AirAsia has successfully completed its switch of reservation system with the successful migration – ahead of schedule – from Open Skies to New Skies, both Navitaire products.

Kathleen Tan, regional head of commercial, AirAsia, commented, “We are very excited that we can add another milestone to AirAsia’s list of achievements. Surpassing our own expectations and completing the new reservation system successfully ahead of schedule only reiterates our commitment to provide the best services to our guests.

“I am impressed with the hard work and commitment shown by the whole AirAsia team involved in ensuring the success of this brand new reservation system. We set a record of only nine months to complete this major migration, while other major airlines usually take 18-24 months,” Tan added.

“Guests can look forward to greater savings that will come as a result of the more efficient operational processes created by the new system, apart from more innovative sales and marketing campaigns, product and service offerings tailored to guests’ preferences, and better self-service facilities, including direct access to their Credit Shell accounts,” she concluded.

Among the features in the New Skies system is the Low Fare Finder, where customers will be able to check the lowest fare available according to their selected destination and preferred date of travel. AirAsia travellers will also now be able to book seats for multi-cities in one transaction. For example, guests flying from Perth to Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong and back no longer need to make two separate bookings, which was a limitation with the Open Skies system.

New Skies is also able to support characters such as Mandarin, Thai, Japanese and other language characters, making it easier to include more robust content for AirAsia’s multilingual customers around the globe, in a continuous effort to be relevant and stay ahead as a leading industry player. Open Skies was only able to support alphanumeric characters.

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